About Codesiderations

Sometimes I would see a similar problem, perhaps years later, and forgot whatever hack, trick or adaption was used to solve it. Sometimes the same problems come back again and I wished the solution was better recorded. This is where I am recording them. Some of it is not generally applicable to anyone else, but hopefully some if it will be useful to someone.

If you want to get in touch, contact info is here.

The Author

Thomas Leen

I have 22+ years of professional development experience. Most of this has been focused in and around the world of web development. I have worked for Razorfish, some failed startups, some successful, and for the last 16 years have been the primary systems administrator, database guy, technical architect, backend programmer and webdev as the head tech for Confluent Forms. I occasionally blog on more technical impact issues over at the Confluent Forms blog as well.

My formal education is a dual degree in Computer Science and Philosophy and more recently a certificate in Mediation. My practical technical education? Being a small company tech-catch-all gains you much diverse experience. We have launched ~ 150 websites/applications and provide the host environment for some.

I am on github, but keep most of my work private. There is less information at my homepage.